Techwear Boots


Techwear boots are dedicated to providing technical and tactical advantages in the outdoors. Their design concepts are often inspired by military footwear, aiming to provide first-class performance under the harshest conditions. In this sense, high-tech clothing and military boots share the most advanced materials and fabrics, providing excellent results in any environment.

The best techwear boots

The boots are models of alternative shoes for men and women coming straight from the creativity, the eccentricity of the grunge world, cyberpunk, but also military thanks to their design in resistant and comfortable technical materials.

The techwear boots collection is a range of shoes halfway between the grunge style and the functional aspect of military boots.

We have revisited the great classics to bring you a new range of boots with a techwear and cyberpunk look while maintaining the quality of workmanship for your comfort.

Assert your dark side with our collection of techwear style shoes.

Techwear boots used to be all about functionality, comfort and attractiveness. However, due to the latest developments in the materials industry, almost every high-tech clothing brand incorporates avant-garde aesthetics into its footwear. This sturdy and lightweight high-tech clothing boot greatly improves the performance of all terrains and easily upgrades regular clothing to memorable urban clothing that deserves attention.

From the basic black leather shoe to the most eccentric with chains and spikes, techwear boots will accentuate your alternative style. For those who love the quirky and extravagant look, you'll find all the essentials missing from your wardrobe in our collection!

We offer unisex models but also models for women with half-compensated or compensated heels for a cyberpunk glamour style. If you're looking for a warcore style, choose the pair that suits you from our wide range of military inspired boots. And for extra comfort, team up with one of our pairs of techwear socks.

If you're looking for urban ninja style, you can also check out our collection of techwear sneakers, lightweight shoes with a futuristic design for increased freedom of movement that will let you explore your urban environment with ease and style.


Low-cut boots

These lightweight, waterproof and low-cut short boots are perfect for your urban clothing. The boots are as comfortable and futuristic as ever, with a thick sole that care for your feet and make every walk a pleasant experience.

low cut boots

Thermo tactocal boots

These combat boots are ideal for fall, spring and even winter, keeping your feet warm in any extreme weather, thanks to the extra distance of the warm cotton lining inside the boots. The boots are made of water-repellent materials and include padded fabrics to enhance strength and warmth.

In terms of fashion, dark colors is the first choice for techwear enthusiasts and street goth fans. The unique combination between extreme exploration equipment and urban technology clothing fashion.

thermo tactical boots

Leather Cyberpunk boots

These shoes exude the feel of cyberpunk boots and are an affordable alternative to combat boots. Made with synthetic leather, it is soft and tough to keep your feet comfortable. These boots have a unique modern silhouette and are still one of the most gorgeous high-tech boots for women. Available in black, white and silver to match your ideal style. These kicks will be your choice for a long time.

leather cyberpunk boots

Leather combat boots

These boots ensure all-weather protection and an elegant silhouette that any user of technological clothing can appreciate. These boots are thick, large and black with the definition of punk rock military shoes. If you are looking for typical combat boots, then these unisex shoes are the best choice.

These boots are comfortable, soft, flexible and comfortable, making them one of the most fashionable combat shoes. These boots are equipped with warm interlayer materials, 100% leather and thick rubber soles, which can keep you warm and kick your legs in any situation. In addition, they exude an unsightly appearance, making these combat boots ideal for the appearance of dark technical clothing.

leather combat boots

Techwear Army boots for women

This model of women's shoe is based on a military aesthetic inspired by tactical boots, pushing their usefulness to the maximum by integrating storage pockets integrated into the shoes. Made from resistant materials, these boots will bring you great comfort while protecting you from the cold.

Almost all designs of the brand use thick rubber soles with a futuristic look, which is perfect for any high-tech clothing or Gothic ninja look. With side pockets, laces and outsole, these shoes constitute the trend of combat boots today.

army boots