Techwear accessories


      Techwear accessories to complete your outfit

      Looking for accessories to complete your techwear look? You've come to the right place! Discover a wide selection of techwear accessories of all kinds to enhance your style with details. From the techwear belt to the must-have techwear mask for a dark and mysterious look, discover all the essentials of techwear style.

      There's more to techwear than just cargo pants and a black windbreaker jacket. You may have noticed that many accessories are added to the outfit to achieve that original and offbeat look.

      If you want to have a complete techwear look, you'll have to focus on the details. For that nothing more effective than a techwear mask and a chest rig which will bring you style and practicality.

      The essential accessories of techwear

      Face mask

      If you had to choose only one techwear accessory, it would undoubtedly be the mask. It plays a major role in the affirmation of this futuristic style. Preferably black to match your outfit, it can be printed with many patterns.

      Chest rig

      The chest rig is also a very important element to approach the techwear style. Halfway between the backpack and the military tactical vest, it is light, practical and has many storage pockets. It is worn like a harness.


      The techwear belt is also an essential. It keeps your cargo pants in place while adding a unique touch to your style. Often made of nylon, they feature a solid buckle that clips on and off with a simple touch of your fingers.

      Tactical gloves

      Finally, tactical gloves are essential if you're looking for a military or urban ninja techwear style. Tough gloves that can be solid black or feature prints.