Techwear pants


      Techwear pants are wide-legged, mostly cotton pants with buttoned flap pockets on the sides. Inspired by tactical clothing and the military look, these pants have been updated in a more modern and urban style. With a loose fit, they are very comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Also available in a tightened cut at the bottom of the leg, they are excellent pants for sports, keeping a perfect mobility while having an original look.

      Cargo pants are worn rather wide to be comfortable. Wear them with contrasting shoes, such as boots for a street Goth style or sneakers for an urban ninja style. This jogger will easily match any top, techwear, cyberpunk or Gothic.

      Techwear pants, a must-have for outerwear

      Techwear pants are the best example of functional clothing that has become trendy. Purely military at the beginning, they have kept all their qualities, while becoming thinner for a more lifestyle use. Wide to keep a real freedom of movement, known for its practicality with its multiple pockets and reliable thanks to its great resistance, techwear pants, often related to cargo pants, are naturally an essential part of your techwear outfit. Trendy and ideal pants to tame the streets.

      Choose the right cut to match your look

      As often, the cut is essential. That's why we offer techwear pants with different cuts that will perfectly match your style. By nature, these pants are slightly baggy.

      If you're going for an urban ninja look, go for relatively slim cargo pants with a tight fit at the bottom of the legs, then finish the look with a pair of sneakers. For the top, you can go for an oversized tee shirt as well as a techwear coat or hoodie for winter.

      If you're going for a street goth look, choose a pair of techwear pants that are looser fitting, then complete the look with a pair of cyberpunk boots.

      Finally, if you're looking for a more warcore, military look, choose black techwear pants or pants with a camouflage pattern, then complement your look with a chest rig and a pair of boots.

      The widest selection of techwear pants

      While techwear pants are primarily black, we also offer khaki, white, camo and more. Go for grey or khaki tones to accentuate the urbanwear aesthetic, or for black tones to reinforce the techwear, street goth side.Techwear pants combine practicality with futuristic designs.

      Waterproof, windproof, stretchy, wear-resistant, and always comfortable to wear!
      Opt for a minimalist techwear ninja pants, or on the contrary an inspired cargo pants model with a multitude of pockets.

      Although most trousers and clothing are cut into standard patterns, Techwear challenges the convention by designing patterns by considering human movement. The anatomical design takes these factors into consideration, and the articulation is usually achieved by using darts at the knee or inner elbow. These allow the wearer to move freely without the fabric from fraying or pulling at key points.

      Techwear pants strongly evoke urban adventures and explorations. Whether you're looking to enhance your style or for functional pants, it's great to have comfortable clothes, with pockets everywhere for headphones or other essentials. Pants in which it is possible to spend ten hours without feeling tight at the waist.

      And for the winter, make sure you have your techwear jacket to stay warm in style even during cold season.


      Become a forward thinker with alternative fashion. With the emergence of techwear, street Gothic, cyberpunk, and streetwear, you will always find the perfect pants to match your look. In our pants collection, we have carefully selected techwear men's trousers and techwear women's trousers, to offer a wide choice of techwear pants to complete y from your favorite outfits with a futuristic touch.


      Although techwear pants are known for their practicality with their many pockets and their technical material inspired by military equipment, we also make sure to offer you pants with original designs and patterns. The perfect combination of utility and design. Whether you are looking for a basic black techwear pant or a khaki techwear pant, we offer you the largest range of technical and aesthetic pants.

      Our trousers are designed with thick chains, tie belts and lower patterns, so no matter which subculture you like in techwear, you can create a unique look.