Techwear Vest


      Techwear expands the potential of vest use with jacket alternatives that support mobility, core protection and carry-on capabilities.

      Utility vests: A must-have to enhance your techwear look

      Technological advancements in fabrics and manufacturing processes have allowed technical clothing brands to revolutionize fashion. Clothing that was once considered a clothing accessory has now become an indispensable clothing component, as has high-tech clothing vests.

      The sleeveless jacket for men and women is casual and very comfortable to wear. Available in different models, military, streetwear or cyberpunk, it completes your look by bringing an additional utility to your outfit thanks to its pockets. It is available in polyester, Gore-tex, windproof fabric or quilted to keep you warm.

      It's a techwear essential that easily complements your wardrobe. The advantage of the techwear jacket is that it can be worn summer or winter over a long sleeve shirt, jacket or even over a techwear shirt. You can combine your jacket with cargo pants, jogging pants or shorts. For shoes, a simple pair of sneakers will do the trick or boots for winter.

      Techwear vests: Practical and trendy

      Techwear jackets most often come with a zip closure, side pockets and a drawstring neck. Some models offer more pockets than others, have a hood and are designed in a mix of materials. There are models specially designed for sports, models inspired by military equipment, but also design models for a modern urban techwear look.

      The vests equipped with hoods allow to protect you from the rain and the wind thanks to the cord located at the level of the neck to adjust the hood. This model is more recommended for the fall or winter when temperatures are still too cool to do without a simple sweater or long sleeve t-shirt. For spring or summer, there are more suitable jackets with lighter fabrics that give you an original and unique techwear look.

      A sleeveless vest for every style

      Techwear jackets are your everyday companion no matter what look you want to adopt, street goth, techwear, urban or cyberpunk, the typical black techwear models go with any bright or dull color. You will find techwear jackets with camouflage prints or logos to perfect your style. All will give you the comfort and style you're looking for.

      How to wear your techwear vest?

      From streetwear fashion style, to street goth or techwear, the vest fits perfectly in any outfit. Here are our tips for an original style:

      • The vest can be worn both open and closed, but when open, it gives the impression of a more casual look
      • Cargos, techwear jeans, or shorts can be worn with a techwear vest.
      • For a 100% streetwear look, pair your vest with your favorite sneakers and a trendy cap or bucket hat.
      • For a warcore look, a tactical vest will be ideal to reinforce the military side.
      • For a street goth look, add chains to your jacket to reinforce the grunge aspect.