Techwear socks


      Techwear socks are a type of technical sock that is designed for athletic and outdoor activities. They often feature advanced fabrics and construction techniques that provide added support, durability, and comfort.

      Some characteristics of techwear socks include:

      • Moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics: These fabrics help to keep the feet dry and cool during intense activity
      • Reinforced heel and toe: These areas are often reinforced to provide added durability and protection
      • Arch support: They may feature built-in arch support to help improve comfort and stability
      • Compression: Some techwear socks feature targeted compression to help improve blood flow and reduce fatigue
      • Anti-odor: Some techwear socks are treated with antimicrobial properties to help reduce odor
      • Weather-resistant: Some techwear socks are designed to be weather-resistant, to protect the feet from the elements

      The best techwear socks

      Style is made of details. Add the finishing touch to your tech wear pants with techwear socks. Perfect with sneakers, cargo pants or shorts, our techwear socks are comfortable to wear and made from stretchy, breathable materials.

      Available in pairs or bundles, the socks feature urban-inspired designs. Available in solid colors or streetwear patterns, from classic black to fluo colors, they are the essential accessory to match your techwear shoes and complete your cyberpunk style.

      Socks for every style

      Who hasn't dreamed of pairs of socks for every outfit, the perfect pair for every situation? Adapt your pair of socks to your style. Our unisex pairs of socks are perfect for adding that missing touch to your style.

      With a wide selection of styles to suit your outfit of the day. As comfortable for sports as they are for everyday wear, they keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

      Wool socks to keep you warm

      Looking for socks to face winter and to wear your techwear boots in a great comfort? Our men's socks and women's socks made of organic wool are what you need. In black, white or even red, they will keep you warm for the cold winter and avoid unpleasant rubbing on your ankles when you wear high boots.