Techwear refers to clothing made from technical fabrics like, GORE-TEX, Primaloft nylon, Polartec fleece, designed to allow for water-resistance, breathability, windproof and comfort. Techwear can also describe a specific aesthetic inspired by cyberpunk culture and urban fashion.


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Looking for technical items to complete your wardrobe? Find all the futuristic fashion essentials made of special fabric, construction and properties that allow for water-resistance, movement, breathability, and comfort while upgrading your techwear style. Whether you are going for the aesthetic rather than functionalities, we offer the trendiest techware clothing.

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Technical vest, practical and stylish

Upgrade your outfit with a utility vest, a practical and stylish accessory inspired by military bulletproof vests. The vest is underestimated in the everyday fashion industry, and it is one of the most useful clothing that people can have. Vests take on many roles, such as fashion accessories, jackets, or just to increase the level of clothing. It has become the first choice for multiple styles, such as streetwear, technological clothing, and even gothic ninja fashion.

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SHADXW™ draws its inspiration from streetwear culture, military clothing (tactical techwear) and futuristic fiction to create highly functional aesthetic garments. SHADXW™ is the online store specialized in Techwear. At our techwear store, we have a wide selection of clothing designed to keep up with the latest trends. Our clothes are made from high-quality materials and come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes so that you can find something to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for something casual or more formal, we have something that will help you stand out. All of our items are designed with comfort and performance in mind, so they won’t just look great but also feel great too! From tech wear jackets to tech pants and everything in between, we have all the pieces you need to create your perfect outfit. Find trendy and futuristic techwear designs to complete your gear among a wide variety of hoodies, shirts and joggers and discover the best techwear brands. But also exclusive accessories, military boots, backpacks as well as futuristic masks. All the equipment and clothing you need to personalize your alternative style:

Womens Techwear

Techwear Outfits is the must-have techwear store for women who want to upgrade their style with an original and futuristic look. With the largest number of unisex and techwear women clothing, you will find the clothes and accessories you need to complete your outfit: tech wear skirts, bodysuits or tech gear pants for women.

Men's Techwear

Assert your originality with the greatest references of techwear for men. Combine the efficiency of technical clothing with an avant-garde style thanks to the many men's techwear pants, coats and t-shirts that will complete your dark style.

How to techwear?

While most clothing is cut in standard patterns, tech wear defies convention by designing tech gear clothing that take into account the movements of the human body, coupled with a clean and original design. Beyond the aesthetics of the garments, techwear uses quality materials such as GORE-TEX to bring functionality to each garment. Whether it's breathability, water resistance, the lightness or the capacity to store your personal belongings in numerous pockets, futuristic fashion proposes a new vision of comfort.

Here is a quick techware guide to get into the trend and understand the basics to make a strong jump into techwear.

Tech wear Outerwear

When you think of high-tech clothing, the first thing that comes to mind is the jacket. These are divided into two types: hard shell and soft shell.

The hard shell provides maximum weather protection and is completely windproof, waterproof and breathable. They provide a versatile outer layer under which the wearer can layer. In the case of heavy rain and snow, the hard shell is the only way to go.

The soft shell has to withstand light rainfall. Soft shell jackets usually emphasize comfort, breathability and sportiness, but they do not provide the environmental protection level that a hard shell can provide.


This layer is optional and is just an additional layer below the outer layer. The middle layer usually serves to keep the wearer warm under the shell, or popular ultra-light down jackets. These can take many forms, from down vests to hoodies to insulated shirts and wool, but it can also be used for other purposes. Some components will have removable intermediate layers and linings, which are usually interchangeable in and out of the shell through some type of zipper or button system.

Base layers

This will be the root of any clothes, shirts pants and shoes. For shirts, any neutral shirt can meet the aesthetic requirements. However, if you really want it to become "high-tech clothing", then go for products with additional features.

Unique and original Techwear Pants

Tech wear pants are a must-have and a key piece of your style. But above all, they have a unique style inspired by military equipment, hence the name techwear or warcore pants.

Pants in this category usually bring water repellence, breathability, elasticity and extra or deeper pockets. Acronym were pioneers in the design of techwear pants with some interesting features, including a modular system that allows the wearer to add and reduce pouches to achieve greater carrying capacity.

If you are looking for techwear pants just to enhance your aesthetic, the key is the taper at the ankle, which gives them a more tactical and streamlined appearance. The additional belts, hooks and pockets also make them more futuristic, even if they are not practical. You can also tailor the old overalls to give it the appearance of high-tech clothing.

Techwear shoes and accessories

The final touch to your fashion-forward style, whether you're looking for punk boots or sneakers, we offer a wide range of shoe styles that are as comfortable as they are stylish. With nothing to envy to the Nike ACG range, our sneakers are innovative and incredibly original.

The most tech pair of shoes would have a degree of water resistance, with Gore-tex being a coveted element of the best water-resistant shoes. But if you’re just looking for the aesthetic, you’d be just fine with the model that you like the most.

Many Techwear accessories are also available on our online store. Techwear bags with compartments for smartphones, laptops and more. Chest-rigs for the most minimalist among you, but also pants chains and other barbed necklaces to assert your offbeat style.


At the beginning of its establishment, Techwear was originally a fashion sport, emphasizing the combination between aesthetics, practicality and comfort. You can see that many of its roots are military-style utilitarianism, and many of the coolest clothing still have a very militaristic tendency.

The origin of techwear, as we know and define it today, comes from the technical mountaineering clothing of the early 70s, with the drop of the first waterproof jackets.

Then, over the years, the range has expanded, both in the technical and technological field and in the models offered with designs conceptualized to the extreme: experimental cuts, materials at the cutting edge of technology, hyper-specialization of functions.

This clothing trend affects all forms of clothing as well as various accessories. Whether you want a 100% techwear look or sparingly adding a few techwear accessories to your outfit of the day, this is a style you can't do without.

Nowadays, we carry multiple devices and their respective chargers with us, so Techwear items are usually taken into account along with the storage they provide. Whether through a simple design (such as a zippered pocket) or a more sophisticated solution (such as a removable modular accessory). The combination of waterproof fabric and well-designed load-bearing capacity means you can carry more with fewer troubles. Bags and backpacks usually benefit from useful details, such as the sleeves and internal pockets/compartments of a laptop.

Beyond its practicality, techwear is also an original and flexible style. While there are techwear garments in colors and patterns, techwear is often associated with darker hues. Largely characterized by pants with straps or futuristic masks, the techwear look intrigues with its unique clothing and accessories.

However, a darker, Gothic, streetwear look can easily be complemented with a techwear garment or accessory. That's how many techwear styles emerged: urban techwear, street goth or warcore.

Create the techwear style that suits you !

Techwear clothing

Discover the techwear style with avant-garde and dark outfits for an original and underground look.

Techwear Ninja

Ninja techwear is primarily based on black stealth outfits with a clean aesthetic and technical clothing that maximizes your mobility. Stealth and stealth are the key words of the urban ninja techwear look. The ninja techwear style is popular in urban sports like parkour and among ninja cosplayers. Masks, gloves, techwear cloak and sometimes even a katana for cosplay, this techwear style is without a doubt one of the most popular.

Urban techwear

Urban techwear clothing defines a branch of street clothing, in which the style of technological clothing echoes the dystopian future. Once dressed in urban techwear style, draped in blacks and grays, you will look badass. Techwear apparel is fundamentally different from the typical modern casual hoodies and sneakers, thanks to its military-inspired and highly customized design.

Military techwear

Tactical techwear, also called "warcore" is inspired by military clothing. Its aesthetic is mainly based on the addition of accessories to your techwear outfit. Despite black cargo pants and combat boots, accessories such as tactical vests, techwear belts and tactical masks are the essence of this style. This style can be found among air-soft players, paint-ballers or fans of the military uniform. Dressed in black, the warcore look is ideal for cosplay, with air-soft replicas, which will make you a soldier of the post-apocalyptic world.

Cyberpunk techwear

Cyberpunk techwear is a clothing style inspired by science fiction and cybernetics in a futuristic context that tends to focus on high-tech to design futuristic clothing and accessories with advanced technological and scientific achievements. Looking for a futuristic style? Cyberpunk clothes are the right ones for you!

Japanese techwear

Japanese techwear is inspired by traditional clothing, redesigned with a techwear touch. For example, there are many techwear kimonos as well as jackets with Asian patterns and other Japanese kanjis. In short, if you like the Japanese culture and the optimal comfort of technical clothes, this techwear style is made for you.

Korean techwear

Techwear is an integral part of Korean culture. Very fond of original and eccentric styles, the clothing culture is a pillar of Korea. Many Korean designers give way to their creativity by inventing techwear clothes always more original and aesthetic. It is not uncommon to see men and women dressed in techwear in the streets of Seoul. Unlike European techwear, Korean techwear tends to be characterized by straight-cut pants and loose sweaters. For women, black pleated skirts with straps and a pair of techwear boots are common!

Goth techwear

The term "techwear goth" refers to a substyle that combines elements of both techwear and goth fashion. While each style has its own distinct characteristics, the fusion typically involves incorporating advanced fabrics, utility features, and smart technology into the darker, moody aesthetic of goth fashion. Goth Techwear emphasis a dark Aesthetics: Black clothing, dark makeup, and sometimes occult or mystical symbolism.

When these styles are combined, you can expect outfits that make use of dark, technical fabrics, and futuristic design elements, but with a darker, more emotional undertone. The utility and technology focus of techwear complements the darker themes of goth culture, providing both form and function.

Techwear goth might involve outfits such as a black, water-resistant, multi-pocket jacket with goth accents like spikes or chains, combined with utility pants that have a dark, distressed look. Accessories might include smartwatches or other wearable technology that also fits the gothic aesthetic.

It's a unique style that allows for a lot of creativity and personalization, attracting people who have a love for both technological innovation and the darker themes of goth culture.

To complete a techwear outfit with a gothic touch, you can opt for jewelry, wedges or silver chains, for example. An original underground style!

Tech clothing

Tech clothing, also called "Techwear clothing", refers to all clothes made with technical fabrics to enhance the usefulness of your outfit with many features such as water-repelant coat or windbreaker.