Techwear bag


      What is a techwear bag?

      Techwear bags and backpack are equipped with additional pockets that are easily accessible and removable. The handles are designed to be comfortable and evenly distribute the weight of the load to avoid unnecessary back pain. Inspired by the various features of military tactical backpacks, these bags are practical with a futuristic and urban design.

      Why choose a techwear bag?

      Even if many people travel with an ordinary carrying bag, having a suitable travel bag allows you to keep your back relaxed while keeping your luggage safe and organized. No matter how often you travel, a techwear bag is an essential step to ensure you have a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.


      The modularity of this type of bag is one of its main assets. Organizing and segmenting your equipment is made very easy. At a time when we move more and more with a lot of equipment: a laptop, cables and chargers, a telephone, a pair of glasses, water, a sandwich, everything finds a suitable place in it.


      Techwear bags are also very practical when travelling. You can easily attach jackets, hats, water bottles or even a pair of light shoes. Versatile, they will hold up in different climates and will resist to urban and natural outings. Their water-repellent coating provides them with good rain or moisture resistance.


      When choosing a travel bag, endurance is one of the main criteria you should take into account. Generally made of technical fabrics, techwear bags are durable. Made mostly with metal zippers and breathable materials, they are ideal to last over the time.


      Techwear travel bags are made of lightweight materials and are usually packed for comfort. Available in different sizes, they adapt to your needs while maintaining a comfortable fit. These bags are designed with padded straps, variable holding methods and foam to support your back and are durable.

      These backpacks are also well adapted to the urban world and short trips.

      How to choose your techwear backpack?

      In order to choose your techwear backpack, it is important to know when you are going to use it. You will not choose the same model if you have to go for a short walk and if you have to go to the gym. Then you will have to define its capacity. We offer models of techwear backpacks ranging from 15 to 100 liters.

      Finally, look at the distribution of space in the techwear bag. The number of pockets and their respective capacity. And of course, choose the style that suits you, urban, cyberpunk, military.

      Looking for a more compact model to carry only your essentials? The techwear chest rig allows you to take your personal belongings with you while maintaining mobility.