Techwear Jacket


Our techwear jackets collection provides high-performance clothing that can protect you from various elements and elevate your outfit with a unique style.


A techwear jacket is the cornerstone of all techwear outfits. Two types of techwear jackets are the most common on the market: "hardshell" and "softshell".

Hardshell jackets: They are made with water-repellent, waterproof, windproof and breathable elements (depending on the basic technology). This type of techwear jacket is also equipped with an underlayer and can be detached depending on the context. Different ranges of fabrics are used in the realization of these jackets, which gives them a certain rigidity. Whether it is for an urban look or for sports use, the hardshell will satisfy you.

Softshell jackets: the difference with hardshell is the rigidity. Here, the jackets are much softer. They are lighter and give you certain freedom of movement. They are certainly less waterproof, but offer greater comfort. If you wear techwear jackets for the first time, you will definitely love softshell jackets.

Techwear windbreaker

Windbreaker is a kind of practical clothing that has entered the fashion industry. The pull-on high-tech clothing trench coat brings layering, detail and depth into the appearance. It is an ideal outerwear for cold or autumn or spring clothing.

Whether you're looking for a techwear jacket with a unique look or a coat to face the bad weather, our black techwear windbreakers inspired by military clothing perfectly fulfills both functions. Made with resistant and flexible materials, our jackets allows superior freedom of movement, facilitated by their lightness. Its elastic bands at the wrists as well as its hood make the windbreaker a garment to be put on, offering a total protection.

Men's Techwear jacket

We have a wide range of men's techwear jackets, which are a type of technical clothing that are designed for functionality and durability. They are typically made with advanced fabrics and features such as:

  1. Waterproof and breathable materials: These jackets are designed to keep you dry in wet conditions and allow perspiration to escape, keeping you comfortable during physical activity.

  2. Durable and abrasion-resistant fabrics: Techwear jackets are often made with fabrics that are resistant to abrasion and tears, such as Cordura or Schoeller, to increase the jacket's durability.

  3. Adjustable hoods, cuffs, and waists: Some techwear jackets feature adjustable hoods, cuffs, and waists, which allow for a customizable and secure fit.

  4. Multi-functional pockets: Many techwear jackets feature multiple pockets that are designed to hold items securely, such as keys, phones, and wallets.

  5. Reflective detailing: Some techwear jackets feature reflective detailing, which helps to increase visibility in low light conditions.

  6. Articulated sleeves and gusseted crotches: These design elements allow for a greater range of motion and increased comfort during movement.

Some examples of popular brands that produce men's techwear jackets include Patagonia, The North Face, Acronym, Stone Island and Nike ACG. These jackets can be worn in different occasions, from outdoor activities, streetwear, to urban exploration and commuting.

The jackets offer various styles such as sporting, military, urban or "urban ninja" with Asian inspirations. All our jackets are unisex and will suit both men and women.
Dare originality with a futuristic and comfortable look by wearing a techwear jacket.

An all-season must-have that will fit perfectly with techwear hoodie for cooler seasons, or techwear t-shirt for mid-season.

techwear jacket

Techwear jacket womens

Looking to upgrade your techwear wardrobe? Women's techwear jackets are perfect for any weather while bringing a unique futuristic touch to your style! Whether you are looking for a lightweight layer to protect from wind and rain or a heavyweight parka that can take on the coldest winters, there is something for everyone.

From water-resistant, breathable fabrics and hardwearing nylon shells to softshell styles with insulation and fleece linings, women's techwear jackets are designed to keep you comfortable and dry in any weather. With features such as adjustable hoods, high collars, venting systems and more, there is a style for every activity.

Look for adjustable cuffs and hem drawstrings to provide extra warmth when needed, or zippered pockets to store small items securely. Whether your plans take you outdoors or indoors, you can count on a techwear jacket to keep you warm and dry no matter the conditions.

Find the perfect fit with an array of styles and sizes from our unique techwear jackets collection.


All the great outfits in the techwear look are built on outerwear. Our techwear jackets are waterproof, durable and designed for movement, ideally wrapped in a neutral color and equipped with zippers.

Opt for the best techwear coats made from high-tech fabrics and designed for ultimate functionality.

Technical materials for a jacket that is as useful as it is stylish

For everyday protection and comfort, the type of fabric used to make a techwear jacket is different from ordinary textiles. Techwear jackets are typically made from advanced fabrics that are designed for functionality and durability.

From the essential GORE-TEX to combinations of materials that allow for versatile materials that have very good thermal insulation, or other environmental resistance. Water-repellent fabrics such as Lycra are used for techwear jackets designed for wet environments. Finally, fleece and polyester or natural fiber padding are used for techwear parkas and down jackets.

Some common types of fabrics used in techwear jackets include:

  1. Gore-Tex: A waterproof, breathable fabric that is often used in outdoor and technical clothing. It is designed to keep you dry in wet conditions and allows perspiration to escape, keeping you comfortable during physical activity.

  2. Polartec: A synthetic fabric that is designed to keep you warm in cold conditions. It is lightweight, breathable and quick-drying.

  3. Schoeller: A Swiss-made fabric that is known for its durability and abrasion resistance. It is often used in high-performance clothing and gear.

  4. Cordura: A durable fabric that is resistant to abrasion and tears. It is often used in outdoor and technical clothing, as well as bags and backpacks.

  5. Nylon: A synthetic fabric that is known for its strength, durability and resistance to water. It is often used in outdoor and technical clothing, as well as bags and backpacks.

  6. Membrane: A waterproof and breathable membrane that is often used in outdoor and technical clothing. It is designed to keep you dry in wet conditions and allows perspiration to escape, keeping you comfortable during physical activity. The most popular membranes are Gore-Tex, eVent, and Sympatex.

These are just a few examples, and many techwear jacket fabrics are often a combination of different materials and membranes to create a jacket that is both durable and functional for the intended use.

Unique and original coat types and designs to match your style

From the ultra minimalist, with a multitude of small details, to the eccentric, unstructured and asymmetrical, we offer a wide selection of techwear coats to suit your outfit of the day. Casual jacket or streetwear oriented jacket, each one has its particular cut. The parka, for example, is easily recognizable with its particular shape.

Each model also has some particular details that prove their authenticity. We can take the example of a cargo or tactical jacket that must be equipped with many pockets. Choose the coat that suits your style and functionality.

Pockets and accessories

The number and type of pockets are important, as they are essential for carrying necessary equipment such as your phone, wallet and other accessories. The more pockets the jacket has, the more practical it becomes. The small pockets on the arms are very practical when the large chest pockets are already in use or are inaccessible if you wear a chest rig as a supplement.