Techwear shoes


      Techwear shoes offer the performance and technical benefits of military footwear with a cutting edge aesthetic. As an essential part of your techwear outfit, techwear shoes are more than ever a useful and fashion accessory, engineered to withstand the toughest conditions while providing you with optimal comfort and original style. In this sense, techwear shoes are no exception to the rule and are made with advanced materials and technical fabrics for enhanced performance.

      Best techwear sneakers

      Techwear shoes have become the footwear that everyone is looking for. They are present in everyone's wardrobe.  That's why you'll find in our collection a selection of the best techwear shoes to perfect your style by combining aestheticism and comfort.

      Techwear shoes provide something for everyone: higher athletic performance, stylish aesthetics, further protection of elements, or super comfortable shoes designed to protect your feet. These engineered pieces offer the quality you deserve.

      All-terrain shoes, waterproof or simply comfortable, discover the best techwear shoes

      In today's casual fashion market, running shoes are more than just staying healthy. Sportswear shoes have been converted into the most common everyday wear shoes. They are comfortable footwear and are suitable for almost anything. For those who still want to maintain a fashionable style, this is an ideal choice for a whole day, and the techwear sneakers are a perfect everyday shoe.

      There's no negotiating between style and utility with techwear shoes. Whether you're looking for performance or style, techwear shoes guarantee maximum comfort with their technological materials and unparalleled style with ever more inventive and innovative designs.

      Shoes are also part of the essential and important accessories to finalize your techwear style. By themselves, they can define an urban techwear style with futuristic sneakers, military/street goth if you opt for high boots with laces, or cyberpunk with platform shoes that will bring character to your outfit.

      Techwear sneakers

      With a multitude of different models, the sneakers is imposed in fashion. The final touch to complete your techwear style! What do Techwear shoes look like? They all have a fairly aggressive and imposing design, with a base that provides good ankle support. Their soles feature innovative technologies such as reinforced sole, hydrophobic fabric, ultra soft material. Sneakers have the advantage of being very comfortable to wear every day in addition to matching casual outfits.

      From the classic sneaker revisited by contemporary technologies, to the reinforced boots and the formal shoe equipped with a cushioned sole, our techwear sneakers are a must-have.

      Became a gigantic must-have of urban fashion and techwear, with multitudes of different models, the sneakers is imposed in fashion.

      The sneakers adapt perfectly to a streetwear style, urban to perfect your techwear look with the greatest comfort and mobility. What to become a real urban ninja.

      For a grunge and cyberpunk look, boots are the ideal shoes to complete your outfit. Stiffer than sneakers, they ensure a good support of the ankle.

       sneakers techwear

      Techwear boots

      Inspired by punk culture and military gear, boots are more appropriate for a warcore, grunge look. Made of leather, they are comfortable to wear and ideal to keep you warm in winter. The thick, durable sole of techwear boots makes them a particularly sturdy shoe that will last a long time. Popular in recent years, the thick bottom of the shoe is a modern design that exudes a futuristic look. In addition to this, the thick sole provides a firm layer that can hold your feet tightly and allows for comfortable wear all day long.

      Complete your techwear look by choosing techwear sneakers made of advanced materials, or have visible tech features, not to mention a pair of techwear socks. Or, opt for a military and cyberpunk style with techwear boots made of leather.

      boots techwear


      Blade sole shoes

      If you are a sneaker fanatic, then you may have heard the term "blade sole sneakers." The sole pattern was originally released by Adidas. It is a patterned sole that responds to the environment and can be compressed to produce an effective push-off effect. These sports shoe not only give greater comfort to aerodynamic sports shoes, but also have a sci-fi punk look that perfectly match your techwear style.

      The heavy fabric and leather upper guarantees its durability, while the breathable inner mesh, tongue and lightweight midsole provide you with the comfort you deserve. These shoes are a long-term choice in your wardrobe, suitable for every occasion.

      blade sole shoes


      If you want more support in your daily work, then high-top sneakers will be perfect for you. High-top sneakers have a more fashionable touch and are usually shoes that reach above the ankle. These products provide more support and isolation, and are ideal shoes for cold autumn or winter.

      These sneakers have black and white font on the side of the shoe, which can be a feature of the all-black look. Made with synthetic sock mesh soles, these shoes perfect for any casual wear, are both durable and wear-resistant. With a stylish sense of dark aesthetics they are one of the ultimate Techwear shoes.

      high top sneakers

      Techwear high boots

      With a more grunge and goth aesthetic, the leather shoe is a techwear staple. Its thick sole brings comfort to your foot while these high shoes effectively maintain your ankle. 

      Ideal to wear in winter, these shoes will complete your techwear style by giving it a military or street goth touch.

      techwear high boots

      White sole shoes

      Over the past years, these shoes has become a must-have in footwear. Known for its streamlined silhouette, lightness and excellent breathability. Having a pair of clean white sole sneakers has become a popular dress for many streetwear and casual styles. The black mesh top with white sneakers gives a fairly classic look and always looks great. Its details instantly perfect any Techwear garment.

      white sole shoes


      These sneakers have been stripped of their laces, but are still able to fully protect your feet. They are super comfortable, lightweight and have a strong sole made of rubber sole and a breathable upper woven mesh. These shoes are ideal for activities that require standing or walking for hours at a time. The unisex sock shoes are perfect for any daily use.

      Slip on shoes are easy to put on, comfortable, and look great. If you want futuristic shoes in a casual dystopian style, these shoes are for you.

      slip on shoes