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There's a growing trend in women's fashion for so-called "techwear" clothing. This typically includes items like hoodies, jackets and pants made from technical fabrics, often with an emphasis on function over form. While the style has been popular among men for years, it's only recently started to catch on with women.

Find out the latest fashionable techwear for women. From women's black cargo pants to techwear skirts, this original style combines cutting-edge design and functionality.

Womens techwear

Inspired by many styles, such as dark wear, streetwear and cyberpunk, techwear for women is the new must-have style. Made from resistant and technical materials such as GORE-TEX, women's techwear is a concentrate of elegant and resistant technologies. Whether you're looking for a new style to complement your wardrobe, or useful clothing like the women's windbreaker jacket, techwear is definitely a style to embrace.

techwear girl

Techwear girl

Need some inspiration to find the perfect techwear outfit for you? Here are some of our favorite techwear girls who wear techwear perfectly for a unique style. Dress up your look with techwear accessories for women to get a warcore, street goth, or Japanese techwear style. You can also add a techwear touch to your daily look with a waterproof bag or mask.

techwear outfits women

Techwear outfits women

Looking for a new techwear outift? We offer the widest range of techwear clothing for women, like womens techwear pants, jackets, hoodies or skirts. Find out the latest girls techwear trends!

womens techwear