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    ACRONYM has long reigned as the leader in techwear. If you're interested in ACRONYM and Errolson Hugh, or want to learn more about this iconic techwear brand, this article is for you!

    The charismatic brand ACRONYM and its creator Errolson Hugh are revered by urban ninja fashion freaks. In this article we share all the secrets of the brand and its designer.


    ACRONYM designer Errolson Hugh was born in Canada and raised in Canada to Jamaican Chinese parents. His career began as a designer with extensive experience in various outdoor sportswear brands. For many years, he was frustrated that he could not use technical materials such as outdoor and sportswear to make clothes because these fabrics were considered too expensive.

    Thus, in 1994, Errolson Hugh decided to create ACRONYM Dynamics, headquartered in Germany, with his partner and co-owner Michaela Sachenbacher. With a strong, futuristic and innovative identity, the designer's avant-garde clothing opened doors for Hugh to collaborate with other famous brands such as Burton, Stone Island's Shadow Project, UNITED ARROWS and Herno Laminar. He also served as the designer of the Renaissance ACG series, a subsidiary of Nike.

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    ACRONYM was founded in Germany in 1994. It redesigned sports and practical clothing with a futuristic aesthetic. As the most representative brand of technical clothing culture, their vision connects them with fans of dystopian future and people who are interested in wearing modern elegant outfits.

    Initially, the founders Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher planned to sell their services to textile professionals through a design agency. Therefore, they worked hand in hand with Nike and made outstanding contributions to them.

    They made a revolutionary improvement to the ACG (Full Condition Equipment) series created by the American company in 1989 to design activities suitable for sports hikers and hiking enthusiasts.

    Nowadays, Nike ACG products and other items from Adidas such as adidas Y-3 logo are very popular among technical clothing fans.


    The best high-tech clothing brands are known for delivering performance, comfort and style as innovative as possible. In the competition, the marketing strategy of ACRONYM is almost nonexistent compared to other big brands. Instead of this, they focus on quality first.

    In pursuit of dystopian aesthetics, what makes ACRONYM stand out is its inherent sense of functionality: they are fundamentally seeking to produce high-quality and durable clothing.

    The idea is to let people enjoy technical clothing and keep it for as long as possible. For ACRONYM, clothing is only feasible if it can give the wearer the ability to work daily. In view of the demand for powerful functions, their clothing collections are designed to deal with unpredictable extreme situations.

    The concept of ACRONYM is to adjust technical clothing to enhance personal abilities. They realized various sizes and shapes by combining the advantages and functions of Techwear with elegant style.

    They are highly adaptable, convenient and versatile, so they are very suitable for travel. However, from a fashion point of view, they seek modern aesthetics through cutting-edge fabrics such as SCHOELLER® 3XDRY® and DRYSKIN™.

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    In 2002, ACRONYM unveiled its first collection, KIT-1, in a limited number of 120 sets.

    The first edition, which took about 3 years to produce, was unveiled with many items packed with ACRONYM's worldview: catalog, jacket, bag, soundtrack, software, conceptual art were contained in this package.

    It is also sold in a famous store in Paris, and has become a must-have for fashionistas and celebrities. About a year after KIT-1 was released, the first complete collection was announced in the autumn and winter of 2003, and it will become popular only by word of mouth.

    ACRONYM is a very popular brand, and all of its budget is spent on product development, not on advertising. This is a rare brand that seeks the best quality products in the world.



    Recently we saw a collaboration between Hideo Kojima, famous video game designer, and the talented designer Errolson Hugh. The goal? To design the techwear of the hero Sam Poter, for the video game Death Stranding.

    To transport his packages in a post-apocalyptic America, Sam Porter Bridges obviously has an adapted outfit. The split between the real world and the video game universe has never been so thin.

    Cyberpunk and futuristic clothes once imagined in video games and other sci-fi movies are now coming to life in our wardrobes, and techwear is showing us this every day.

    For the release of the video game, the German clothing brand ACRONYM launched a revisited version of the J1A-GT jacket, very similar to the one worn by Sam in Death Stranding. The jacket was sold for almost 1,900$, which is huge, but that didn't stop the stock from selling out in few hours.

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    People say that ACRONYM clothes are expensive and the choice of clothes is limited, but "I didn't intentionally reduce the number of products or make them expensive. I pursue the highest quality. This is what happened," Errolson Hugh said.

    The reason for the high cost is that the production of complex patterns will increase the number of sewing processes, the wages are high, and the use of the best materials is also very expensive.

    Since each piece is produced only in small quantities, it is impossible to benefit from economies of scale. Although not intentional, the high price and scarcity of clothing have largely contributed to the perceived value of the Techwear brand and unleashing the passions of enthusiastic fans.

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    If Acronym is still part of the many brands in the high-tech apparel world, then it is no longer the only one, and it has been for a long time. Indeed, other brands who no longer have to prove their expertise have joined the ranks.

    The design and manufacture of this type of clothing obviously requires a lot of investment in research and development, not to mention the creative work of the designer. This has an undeniable effect on their prices, the most exquisite works may exceed 1,000 dollars.

    Don't worry, other brands are more accessible, with more affordable prices for a complete set with tactical pants, hoodies or techwear jackets.

    If you don't have the budget, you can always buy a t-shirt, a cap or any other essential for a well-groomed look from head to toe. Or, skip some features of techwear in exchange for a tempting aesthetic.

    As far as techwear brands are concerned, you can discover our top 10 techwear bands. You can also find many techwear clothes at affordable prices on our store. Aesthetically futuristic, they will bring you style and comfort.

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