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    Even if you don't know anything about techwear culture, chances are you've already seen movies like Matrix characterized by its black outfits, or the anime Akira whose main hero is immersed in the heart of a Cyberpunk tale whose inhabitants have a futuristic and offbeat clothing style. If this is the case, then the Techwear universe is not unknown to you!

    It is undeniable that techwear has been growing considerably in the fashion world in recent years, more and more brands are trying to ride the wave of futuristic techwear style. But do you know the best brands that participate in perpetuate and develop this alternative style? In this article we propose you to discover our techwear brand list and learn more about techwear brands you havn't heard of.

    Please note that this list deals with techwear fashion in its entirety and therefore includes brands from various universes (casual techwear, ninja techwear, urban techwear...). If you want to learn more about techwear fashion, we invite you to read our article "What is techwear?".

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    If you're looking for the leader in terms of Techwear and Cyberpunk clothing, SHADXW™ is the address you can't miss, offering the largest selection of futuristic clothing for men and women.

    Whether you're looking for a jacket, cargo pants or tactical shoes to enhance your urban ninja look, you'll find unique clothes on our shop. Largely inspired by the Japanese Techwear culture, SHADXW™ offers a line of technical clothing with a Ninja techwear style. The spirit of the brand is therefore original and disruptive for a unique and functional style.

    Seeking to offer an ever more complete range in addition to clothing, SHADXW™ has extended its offer with all the accessories that revolve around the Techwear and Cyberpunk universe. From neon goggles to pants chains, techwear masks and other tactical masks, if there's one place not to be missed for all fans of Techwear style, it's this one.

    This brand presents a futuristic style and original designs mainly accessorized on black tones reminiscent of the outfits from futuristic science fiction movies. Thus, the alternative fashion proposed by SHADXW™ brings together a large community of fans of the Cyberpunk and Techwear universe, throughout the world.

    Indeed, the brand wants to be participatory and includes everyone in its dynamics, notably by offering the possibility of becoming ambassador of the brand.

    best techwear brands

    2. ACRONYM

    How can we not mention Acronym when it comes to Techwear? Founded in 1994 by Michaela Sachenbacher and Errolson Hugh, Acronym is an avant-garde German streetwear brand.

    Scalpel cuts, technical materials, non-standard finishes and surrealist designs are often on the menu of this very special label's collections.
    For the past few years, this Berlin-based brand has been pushing the "techwear" slider to the limit, transforming its faithful fans into true urban ninjas.

    In addition to the special design, it uses technological materials to improve the capabilities of its wardrobe in terms of waterproofing, flexibility and thermal regulation. Recently, the brand inspired the clothes of the hero of the science fiction video game "Death Stranding".

    By combining functional design with an innovative aesthetic worthy of the greatest science fiction movies, ACRONYM cultivates an unreserved sense of style that blurs the boundaries between the worlds of fashion and technology. Instead of fighting the exponential growth of hybrid technologies, the brand welcomes this change with understanding and enthusiasm. Multidisciplinary technologies and innovative design on all levels are at the heart of the ACRONYM product line, which includes sportswear inspired by the cyberpunk, techwear culture.

    ACRONYM will therefore remain one of the pioneering brands in Techwear fashion by helping to spread the word about movement and continually pushing the boundaries of technology in fashion.

    Acronym techwear

    3. NIKE ACG

    We no longer present the world leader in sports equipment, Nike. Faced with the growing success of the Acronym brand with its functional and design clothing, Nike has taken the lead by forming a partnership with the famous Techwear brand in order to restore the image of its ACG (all condition Gear) range. With versatile materials (breathability, water repellency and even waterproofness) and advanced functionalities, Nike ACG is aimed at all areas of sport, from sleeves to accessories.

    The brand also offers a streetwear/techwear wardrobe. The ACG range is therefore very interesting for the technical clothing it offers, which adapts very well to sports practices but also to the urban environment for everyday wear.

    The sneakers are almost seamless thanks to their VAC-TECH hot compression method, the pants have "DWR" finishes that make them waterproof at the glued seams, and the jacket is made of GORE-TEX.

    Nevertheless, don't expect to find very advanced techwear designs to perfect your urban ninja look, the ACG range offers casual techwear oriented looks!

    Nike ACG


    Just as much as ACRONYM, talking about techwear without mentioning the Italian brand Stone Island is inconceivable today. For several years now, the compass rose has not stopped revolutionizing the history of technical clothing. Its ability to renew itself and to offer ever more efficient products has allowed it to cross the ages and become a true monument, not only in the techwear sector, but also in popular culture.

    The Stone Island Shadow Project collection alone embodies this philosophy advocated by the Italian house. The Stone Island Shadow Project range is the brand's laboratory. Placed at the heart of the design process, this range is, as is often the case, the main source of the Italian brand's innovations. If it appears today as a collection in its own right, it is important to know that originally the Shadow Project was not supposed to be so popular.

    As its name suggests, this project was supposed to remain in the shadow of the other collections. The brand experienced a new stylistic impetus, which materialized in the creation of the Shadow Project program. No more standardized conceptual precepts, performance had to be reconciled with style.

    Once again, the talented Errolson Hugh from the ACRONYM label was called in to take charge of the project. Many consider it to be the most successful since the creation of the label. Always driven by the desire to offer the best, the creative teams, driven by a quest for the best, once again responded by pushing the conceptual limits even further.

    This collection with its avant-garde philosophy is endowed with a unique identity. Indeed, Shadow Project combines techwear (the brand's DNA) with the world of urban ready-to-wear. An audacious combination that gives Stone Island clothing a new perspective.

    Stone Island Shadow Project


    Based in Ukraine, RIOT DIVISION is a techwear brand whose line is strongly inspired by military tactical clothing. As functional as design, the brand describes its clothes as "functional uniforms for the rebels of the urban metropolis".

    Aesthetics is as important as the utility of the garment. Each piece that makes up the outfit offers advanced technology in terms of textile and functionality. An improved windproof jacket, a bag that transforms into an anorak, a comforter with numerous pockets or the famous cargo pants, emblem of military tactical equipment.

    Riot Division


    CLOUDBURST is an emerging label which is established in Russia. This trendy brand offers a range of clothes largely influenced by the techwear culture and the cyberpunk universe. For example, they have designed a collection that was inspired by the manga "Akira" known as one of the precursors of the cyberpunk movement.

    The clothes of the label are particularly centered on outerwear with a range of jackets and other functional coats with a very neat finish. All the clothes are of course made from high-tech fabrics that have been given the name "technical clothing".

    cloud burst


    It is in 2009 that the Damascus Apparel brand was born. With designs against standards and highly futuristic, the label pushed the cyberpunk and techwear side to its paroxysm with clothes that seem to come from a science-fiction movie.

    With a distinguished artistic flair, their clothes were nonetheless practical and functional. As with the majority of the techwear collections, black was the guiding line for many of their garments.

    Unfortunately, in 2019 the founders of the brand decided to end the adventure after 10 years of existence. Nevertheless, Damascus Apparel will have appropriated the futuristic Cyberpunk universe to create a line of cyber clothes.

    Damascus Apparel


    Krakatau is a Russian brand created in St Petersburg in 1999. This label has the ambition to give back freshness to the vision of streetwear with the use of functional elements and technological details in its clothes.

    Characterized by its urban "Survivalist" style with the use of technical materials such as nylon "Soft Shell" with waterproof and breathable characteristics, as well as the many advantages present in its techwear:

    Hoods, removable and reversible lining, several inside pockets, outside pockets with zippers and heat-sealed to keep out the rain, side zippers to open the parka, integrated mitts at the end of the arms to prevent air from entering the sleeve when using a motorcycle, straps in the jacket to be able to wear it as a backpack, and protection against the cold thanks to its insulating fabrics that can go down to -10 degrees.

    Finally, in addition to its technical materials, its curved cuts and its many well-thought-out and functional details. Techwear mainly oriented as Outerwear.



    This Taiwanese brand specializes in technical accessories made from reflective, waterproof, windproof fabrics or equipped with magnetic buckles and zippers. Inspired by military tactical equipment, 4Dimension offers bags that are perfectly adapted to the daily urban environment. The brand also offers urban techwear by proposing a line halfway between streetwear culture and the use of technical fabrics.

    4Dimension wear

    10. 0608wear

    The 0608wear label was founded in Korea. This techwear brand offers a range of clothing in a casual techwear style. In addition to its very limited, if not almost unique, range of clothing, 0608wear also offers shoulder bags and other bags made from technical materials. This small and discreet brand could still have some nice surprises in store for us by making their contribution to techwear fashion.


    11. Outlier

    Hailing from New York, Outlier is a techwear label that marries sleek design with functionality and comfort. With a minimalist design ethos, the brand employs cutting-edge materials like advanced synthetic blends as well as natural options like merino wool to craft clothing that is as durable as it is fashionable. Outlier offers a diverse but curated range of products, from highly-functional pants to versatile outerwear. While the brand falls on the higher end of the price spectrum, the quality and longevity of its garments make it a worthwhile investment. Outlier also emphasizes ethical manufacturing and sustainability, making it a top choice for conscious consumers.

    12. Guerilla Group

    Guerilla Group, a Taiwan-based brand established in 2013, stands out for its fusion of urban streetwear and high-tech functionality. With a design aesthetic leaning towards a dystopian and military-inspired look, the brand offers a variety of garments and accessories made from advanced technical fabrics that are waterproof, windproof, and durable. Though positioned at a higher-end price point, the quality and unique design elements make Guerilla Group a worthy investment for techwear enthusiasts.

    13. Arc'teryx Veilance

    Arc'teryx Veilance, a specialized line from the Canadian outdoor brand Arc'teryx, delivers high-performance techwear tailored for the urban setting. Launched in 2009, the brand excels in material innovation, employing advanced fabrics like GORE-TEX for waterproofing and Coreloft for insulation. With a minimalist and precise design aesthetic, Veilance offers a broad range of products, including coats, jackets, and trousers, that are both functional and versatile. Though the brand falls on the luxury end of the pricing spectrum, the exceptional quality and advanced technology make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking premium techwear.

    14. Y-3

    Y-3 is a groundbreaking collaboration between Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto and German sportswear titan Adidas. Founded in 2002, the brand marries high-fashion aesthetics with advanced sports technology. Y-3 is celebrated for its sophisticated yet athletic aesthetic, providing an extensive selection of items such as signature sneakers, apparel, and accessories. Positioned in the luxury market, the brand captivates with its harmonious fusion of fashion and functionality, making it a favored option for aficionados of upscale athleisure.

    15. Isaora

    Founded in the United States in 2008, Isaora is a techwear label that focuses on performance-driven, city-ready clothing. Adhering to a design ethos of urban minimalism combined with practicality, the brand features a diverse lineup including jackets, sweatshirts, and trousers. Dedicated to utilizing advanced fabrics and technologies, Isaora's pieces boast waterproof, breathable, and durable qualities. Although priced moderately when compared to luxury techwear labels, the brand provides exceptional quality and functionality, making it an excellent introductory option for those new to the techwear scene.

    16. AOKU

    AOKU is a specialized techwear brand known for its futuristic and modular design philosophy. With a focus on high functionality and technical innovation, the brand offers a limited but highly specialized product range including jackets, pants, and modular bags. AOKU uses advanced synthetic fabrics and nanotechnologies to create water-resistant, breathable, and extremely durable garments. Given its niche focus and level of innovation, AOKU comes with a high price point, making it an investment choice for serious techwear aficionados.

    17. TAD (Triple Aught Design)

    Triple Aught Design, commonly known as TAD, is an American brand renowned for blending rugged, military-inspired design with modern style. Founded in 1997, TAD offers a broad range of products, including jackets, pants, and backpacks, all crafted from high-quality, durable materials like GORE-TEX and nylon. While the brand leans towards tactical and outdoor gear, its products are versatile enough for urban wear as well. With a mid-to-high price point, TAD provides durable and functional apparel that offers good value for the investment.

    18. Enfin Levé

    Enfin Levé is a Berlin-based techwear brand known for its minimalist design infused with functional elements. Offering a range of products from trousers to jackets, the brand uses cutting-edge materials like Schoeller Dryskin and eVent fabrics to ensure high functionality. One unique selling point is its focus on customizability, allowing customers to tailor various aspects of their garments. Falling in the mid-to-high price range, Enfin Levé caters to those willing to invest in quality and personalized style.

    19. C.P. Company

    C.P. Company is an Italian luxury brand founded in 1975, renowned for its blend of casual and technical outerwear. Best known for its iconic "Goggle Jacket," the company combines traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern fabric technologies. Their product line is extensive, ranging from outerwear and knitwear to trousers and accessories. With its focus on both style and functionality, C.P. Company appeals to those seeking high-quality, innovative garments at a luxury price point.

    20. MA.STRUM

    MA.STRUM is a British brand established in 2008, specializing in functional yet stylish clothing inspired by military and performance wear. Renowned for their dedication to pioneering materials, the brand utilizes cutting-edge textiles such as Polartec fleece and ripstop nylon in their creations. They offer a diverse lineup of products, ranging from jackets and sweaters to polo shirts, to suit both everyday wear and outdoor adventures. Positioned at a mid-to-high price range, MA.STRUM justifies its cost through durable, technologically advanced, and fashionable pieces.

    21. Vollebak

    Vollebak is a London-based brand known for pushing the boundaries of clothing technology. Founded in 2015 by twins Nick and Steve Tidball, the brand has gained fame for its radical innovation in materials and design. With products ranging from adaptive camouflage jackets to garments made of graphene, Vollebak aims for extreme functionality without sacrificing style. Though the brand comes at a premium price point, it appeals to a niche audience that values the intersection of cutting-edge technology and fashion.

    22. Mission Workshop

    Mission Workshop is a San Francisco-based brand specializing in functional and stylish urban and adventure gear. Launched in 2009, Mission Workshop specializes in a diverse lineup of products including backpacks, bags, and clothing made from cutting-edge materials such as Cordura fabric. Focusing on both durability and modular functionality, the brand's items are positioned in the mid-to-high price range. The brand has gained a strong following among techwear enthusiasts for its balance of function, durability, and style.

    23. Orbit Gear

    Orbit Gear is an Indonesia-based techwear brand known for its modular, functional, and stylish gear designed for the urban lifestyle. Established in Jakarta, the company combines modern technology with traditional craftsmanship, employing high-tech materials like Cordura and X-Pac for durability and weather resistance. With a product range that includes bags, slings, backpacks, and accessories, Orbit Gear offers versatile solutions for various needs. Priced in the mid-range, the brand appeals to those seeking quality and functionality without breaking the bank. It has become a popular choice among techwear enthusiasts looking for adaptable and durable gear.

    24. Klättermusen

    Klättermusen is a Swedish brand that has been specializing in outdoor gear and apparel since 1975. Known for its strong commitment to both functionality and sustainability, the company offers a wide array of products from technical clothing to climbing gear. Developed in collaboration with outdoor experts, each product is designed to withstand harsh conditions while minimizing environmental impact. The brand caters to a niche market willing to invest in high-end, durable gear. Klättermusen's premium pricing reflects its quality and sustainable practices, making it a top choice for serious outdoor enthusiasts.

    25. RAINS

    RAINS is a Danish brand established in 2012, specializing in modern and stylish rainwear. Merging Scandinavian design principles with practical utility, the company offers a focused range of products including jackets, trousers, and accessories all aimed at keeping you dry. RAINS has rapidly built a name for itself through its innovative materials and budget-friendly pricing. The brand excels in creating waterproof clothing that is both high in quality and visually appealing. With its minimalist yet practical designs, RAINS has become a popular choice for those who want effective rain protection without compromising on style.

    Our top techwear brands is now over! We hope you enjoyed it and discover some amazing techwear labels. World fashion is a very vast universe, from streetwear to alt outfits or casual style, but techwear is becoming more and more present in fashion industry. Tell us in comment what are your best Techwear brands! You can also discover our techwear pants collection, functionnal and aesthetics pants to complete your techwear style.

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