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    Techwear or urban techwear is one of the most fashionable clothing trends of the moment. It is mainly inspired by technical outfits as well as mountaineer's suits in order to give birth to a varied range of clothing with a refined style. Today, technology has made its way into this fashion, allowing us to admire creations with a futuristic look, which we discuss in this article.

    What is Techwear Clothing

    Techwear definition

    Techwear refers to a category of clothing that includes special fabrics with advanced technologies, construction techniques that go beyond the traditional, as well as cuts that allow maximum mobility.

    This new fashion ranges from trench coats made of breathable and waterproof materials, to waterproof sneakers, to seamless t-shirts.

    We also sometimes talk about urban techwear when we talk about clothes designed for the city, but full of technicality.

    The techwear aesthetic is strongly influenced by futuristic artistic styles such as cyberpunk (think Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell). In execution, most techwear falls into one of two categories: "grey" (elegant, discreet, the familiar amplified) or "black" (striking, military-inspired). Nevertheless, there are different styles in techwear fashion that we will discuss a little later in this article.

    techwear hoodie

    Techwear Origins

    The evolution of techwear as currently adopted comes from the technical clothing of mountaineers in the early 70s. These garments were designed to allow these extreme sportsmen and women to brave the weather as much as they could.🏔️

    It will only be with the advent of Goretex jackets that this fashion will actually see the light of day. Thereafter, it will extend to the level of technique, technology and models available as in the case of swimwear for teenagers. Previously, to make a piece waterproof, it was necessary to "wax" the fabrics. This is a technique requiring the application of a coating on the fiber.

    Today, waterproof and cushioned sneakers are commonplace. Skiers have the opportunity to have warm, light and breathable jackets. Sportsmen and women, on the other hand, are rushing for breathable T-shirts. There is also an urban techwear movement born from the unlikely crossover between the fashion industry and materials technology. This street-style perfectly combines form and implacability.

    This clothing trend affects almost all clothes as well as various accessories. However, techwear enthusiasts tend not to dress 100% like this. They generally integrate only one or two pieces into their look.

    techwear origins

    Understanding Functional Techwear Vs Techwear Aesthetic

    Functional techwear is defined by its usability and adaptability to varying environments, often incorporating materials like water-resistant clothing or breathable fabrics. It answers the primary question: "How can this garment make my life more comfortable or efficient?"

    Conversely, techwear aesthetic focuses heavily on the visual appeal. Think cyberpunk clothing or futuristic fashion. While it may borrow functional elements, the emphasis is on the look and feel.

    Techwear Clothing Characteristics


    With climate change causing unpredictable weather patterns, waterproofing has become indispensable. Techwear leverages nanotechnology and treatments like DWR (Durable Water Repellant) to ensure wearers remain dry. Waterproofness is a key point of techwear and most of techwear clothing are water-resistant.

    Breathable Materials

    While protection from elements is essential, comfort is equally crucial. Breathable fabrics ensure ventilation, reducing sweat and offering comfort during strenuous activities.

    Wind Resistance

    Techwear offers protection against chilly winds with tightly woven fabrics, ensuring wearers stay warm.


    Utility doesn't just mean more pockets, it's about strategically placed compartments, hidden zippers, and modular components that can be added or removed based on necessity.

    Reflective elements

    An essential for nighttime urban adventurers, reflective components ensure visibility, keeping wearers safe in low-light environments.


    Whether it's jackets that transform based on the weather or pants that can become shorts, adaptability means your clothing can change as your needs do.

    Ergonomic designs

    Techwear focuses on the natural human form, ensuring movements aren't restricted. Pivotal points, stretchable fabric, and articulated joints make daily tasks more comfortable.

    What is Techwear Fashion?

    We will now discuss the different trends, styles and influences present in techwear.  In this section, we'll narrow our focus specifically to our primary interest: fashion.

    Conversely, we won't delve into "techwear" in its broadest definition, which encompasses garments with technical aspects like firefighting gear or aeronautical attire.

    Casual Techwear

    Also known as "performance menswear", this category is one of the most widespread and consumed. Often featuring rather classic designs, it can be worn every day, both at work and in leisure time.

    The pieces can be ultra formal with blazers made of waterproof and breathable materials or rather casual with chinos made of water-repellent fabric, pure softshells, merino wool hats, or parkas adapted to the extreme cold.❄️

    Casual techwear is often the result of a piece of techwear or an accessory on the whole outfit. A style that is more discreet than urban techwear.

    Key Features:

    • Comfortable fabrics: Think soft, stretchy, and breathable materials.
    • Subtle Technical Elements: Perhaps a discreet pocket here or a hidden zipper there.
    • Varied Palette: A mix of muted and vibrant shades.

    Styling Tips: Combine tech-inspired joggers with a comfortable tee, layer with a soft-shell jacket, and finish with relaxed sneakers.


    casual techwear

    Urban Techwear

    Undoubtedly one of the most interesting segments aesthetically and technically. The designs are very stylized and unleash passions with their urban and futuristic looks.

    Moreover, they can be ultra minimalist, with a multitude of small details, or on the contrary eccentric, unstructured and asymmetrical. The range of colors is also often reduced to the bare minimum: black, olive, midnight blue, beige, gray and sometimes white.

    It is mainly the techwear style that you will find in our store, offering a ninja look of the city, be it technical kimonos, joggers pants, technical t-shirts with Japanese prints and other futuristic masks. If you love Japanese fashion, then you will definitely love this trend fashion.

    These outfits and other accessories, including bags where modularity and integration are the guidelines, are the perfect mix between a unique design and the lightness and ease of movement that are particularly important.

    This style can be easily integrated thanks to the many accessories and garments available, such as sneakers, oversized hoodies or sweaters made of breathable materials.

    For those who love looks on the verge of grunge and streetwear like the rapper Scarlxrd, don't hesitate to pick up a few pieces that will easily match your everyday clothes.

    If you're also a fan of parkour or cyberpunk, go for it!

    Key Features:

    • Style over functionnality: Dark and bold urban designs.
    • Performance fabrics: Emphasis on breathable techwear and water-resistant clothing to fit modern life.
    • Black and grey tones: Neutral colors offset with occasional bright hues.

    Styling Tips: Pair utility jackets with sleek pants, urban sneakers, and modular bags.


    urban techwear 

    Cyberpunk Techwear

    It is a very futuristic style inspired by sci-fi movies and other video games that plunge us into a universe that mixes cybernetics, punk movement, anime culture.

    This style is very widely represented when it comes to cosplay rather than everyday wear. Mask with integrated LEDs, katanas, colored lenses... a whole arsenal that gives an impressive rendering.

    If you're a fan of neon, manga and techwear, then you should definitely try cyberpunk style.

    Key Features:

    • Neon Accents: Vibrant colors set against darker shades.
    • Futuristic fashion: Geometric designs, LED elements, or embedded tech components.
    • Aesthetic techwear: A focus on the visual narrative, though functionality remains vital.

    Styling Tips: Opt for jackets with LED accents, trousers with neon stripes, and footwear that looks fit for a Blade Runner scene.


    cyberpunk techwear

    Outdoor Techwear

    The brands in this "sportswear" segment are those that use the most technical materials: they specialize in hiking, mountaineering, sports sailing, running and sometimes in the world of workwear.

    At the core of outdoor techwear is the art of strategic layering, designed to optimize comfort and protection across varying climates and conditions.

    • Base-layer sits snugly against the skin, meticulously engineered to wick away moisture and regulate body temperature, ensuring consistent comfort.
    • Mid Layers work diligently in colder scenarios, acting as insulators that trap heat, guaranteeing warmth even when temperatures plummet.
    • Softshell: Offering a more breathable alternative that still provides a commendable defense against the elements, making it well-suited for gentler conditions.
    • Hardshell, this outermost barrier is crafted to shield against the most unforgiving weather, boasting waterproof and windproof capabilities.

    Together, these components embody the essence of outdoor techwear, providing adaptability and protection for every outdoor adventure.

    Some brands offer quality products at very affordable prices, but with a look that is sometimes a little questionable for everyday use. They generally offer very technical products, designed for a specific sport practice. For example, major brands such as Nike offer more and more techwear ranges useful for sports while keeping a simple and effective stylistic line.

    Key Features:

    • Performance fabrics: UV protection, breathable techwear, and water resistance.
    • Earthy Tones with a Modern Twist: Nature-inspired colors, occasionally modernized with neon splashes.

    Styling Tips: Opt for a weather-resistant jacket, breathable trousers, and hiking boots. Functional scarves, sun hats, and durable backpacks complete the look.


    outdoor techwear

    Military Techwear (Warcore)

    This techwear sub-culture is called "Military Techwear", or "Warcore". The technical garments of this style are bold, impetuous and strongly influenced by extreme military and outdoor equipment. If you're a fan of the movie "The Matrix", you've obviously already thought about dressing in a similar techwear look.

    Technical and technological advances have always interested the military, which is why Gore-Tex® jackets are now found in almost every Western military. In fact, some technologies developed specifically for them are now found in civilian clothing, such as RipStop® (literally "stop tears") or Kevlar® in bullet-proof vests.

    This trend has inspired the creation of clothing for everyday wear, inspired by military equipment. We can note the example of the cargo pants, highly appreciated for its comfortable cut and its all-purpose utility with its many pockets. It is possible to pick a few pieces from this segment to give a little character to a bland look, while bringing technique.

    warcore techwear


    Drawing inspiration from the cosmos, Lunarcore channels the aesthetics of interstellar travels and lunar escapades. Lunarcore fashion is a techwear sub-culture rooted in space, sci-fi, and forward-thinking motifs. Defined by its sleek lines, understated aesthetics, and muted hues, the emphasis firmly lies on texture and form. Lunarcore ensembles frequently showcase advanced materials and avant-garde designs. It's a style that dares to challenge norms and pioneers the next wave in fashion.

    Key Features:

    • Space Age Materials: Think reflective or insulating fabrics.
    • Futuristic fashion: Oversized, bulbous silhouettes.
    • Lunar Palette: Dominance of whites, grays, and silvers.

    Styling Tips: Pair an oversized silver jacket with sleek pants and reflective footwear. Accessories might be oversized glasses or space-themed jewelry.

    Goth Techwear (Darkwear)

    The most shadowy techwear variant, commonly termed "Darkwear" or "Street Goth", derives its essence from the gothic and streetwear realms. It boasts a brooding aesthetic, rich with intricate designs of demons, skulls, and edgy, metallic typography.

    Such attire typically showcases cargo pants adorned with numerous straps, futuristic sneakers or combat boots, and the quintessential face mask – all hallmarks of the techwear genre. For those seeking the depths of darkwear, goth techwear undoubtedly hits the mark!

    Key Features:

    • Dark Palette: Primarily black, complemented with deep blues or purples.
    • Futuristic fashion & cyberpunk elements: Asymmetry, unconventional placements, and neon highlights.
    • Aesthetic techwear: A balance between form and function.

    Styling Tips: Black cargos, dark asymmetric jackets, platform boots, and reflective accessories are staples.

    How To Style Techwear?

    How to dress techwear? This is a very good question! We propose you to discover the main characteristics of many techwear clothes while proposing you some outfit ideas which will be able to match with any style.

    Techwear Jacket

    First, start with the jacket.🧥 All the great outfits in the techwear look are built on outerwear. Typically, tech jackets are waterproof, durable or windbreaker and designed for movement, ideally wrapped in a neutral color. A must-have for mid-season or winter.

    how to style techwear

    Techwear Shirt

    Then opt for a loose t-shirt under a warm middle layer, ideally a high-tech hoodie. In techwear, we often talk about "mid-layer", that is to say a garment that makes the junction between the upper layer (Jacket) and the lower layer (t-shirt, tank top...). The ideal in this case is to mix the functionalities of your clothes if you want to put the practical side forward such as the storage pockets integrated in the t-shirt, the hoodie with a high collar ... Then move on to the details.

    techwear shirt

    Techwear Pants

    Opt for cargo pants, inspired by military clothing, they are practical and give character to your style.👖 They go easily with sneakers or boots. Cargo pants have the particularity of having many storage pockets that live up to their name of "technical clothing".

    cargo pants

    Techwear Shoes

    Finally, focus on the shoes.👟 As a general rule, for a good techwear look choose black footwear, or, boots. Opt for breathable materials and other features like integrated zippers.

    While even the simplest outfits could pass for techwear because of a black tech jacket and a menacing scowl, it's important to mention that not all techwear outfits has necessarily neutral colors.

    techwear sneakers
    Techwear Accessories

    Finally, if you want to perfect your techwear look, there are also many accessories that enhance your style. Whether you're looking for a casual or urban look, there are many possibilities, like techwears bags, caps, pollution masks, or a pair of streetwear-inspired socks that will go hand in hand with your favorite sneaker.

    Where to Buy Techwear

    For those looking to dive into this futuristic style, finding the right brands is crucial. Below, we have compiled a list of the most trendy techwear brands that blend cutting-edge technology with contemporary fashion. Each brand offers unique pieces that promise not only to enhance your style but also to improve the practicality and comfort of your everyday wear.


    Leading the frontier in both design and functionality, Shadxw combines avant-garde aesthetics with innovative materials, ensuring that you're not only stylish but also prepared for any eventuality. If you are looking for affordable techwear, you will find plenty of techwear outfits.


    A pioneer in the techwear space, Acronym is renowned for its high-quality gear that doesn't compromise on design. Their pieces are often seen as the epitome of what techwear stands for.

    Nike ACG

    The All Conditions Gear (ACG) line from Nike perfectly embodies the sportswear giant's foray into the techwear realm. Balancing performance and style, it's perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle.


    With a unique design philosophy that seems straight out of a post-apocalyptic world, Damascus offers pieces that are both edgy and functional.

    Stone Island

    Known for its research-driven approach to fashion, Stone Island constantly pushes the boundaries of what's possible in clothing technology. Their garments are synonymous with innovation, especially in the realm of durable fashion.

    Riot Division

    With a keen focus on urban adaptability, Riot Division's modular designs resonate with city dwellers. Their pieces can often be adapted based on user needs, making them a favorite among techwear enthusiasts. 

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