For several seasons, a chaotic air has been blowing on the catwalks. Protective clothing, military inspirations, dystopian sci-fi movie set designs are at the heart of the trend. Half down jacket, half sleeping bag, ultra-light coats that fold up into a square to be carried, and other accessories that could just as easily carry spare cartridges as your keys and wallet. The emergence of a survivalist style has gradually become part of the fashion codes to design a new trend: warcore.

     warcore mask


    Warcore is a fashion style heavily influenced by military fashion. It typically includes clothing that is either camouflage or solid colors, and often includes items such as combat boots, belts, and backpacks. This clothing style is often seen as more practical and functional than other fashion styles.

    Warcore defines the rise of military tactical equipment in fashion. In a growing quest to bring functionality to clothing, warcore retains the codes of techwear with technical materials and functional garments, taking military design to the extreme.

    what is warcore

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    The guideline of the warcore and techwear aesthetics is very similar. However, the utilitarian aspect of clothing is different. Warcore fashion draws its aesthetics and functionality from the fears of our time and is an outlet for them. With bags equipped with a gun holder, bullet-proof vest with multi pockets or even boots that are resistant in all circumstances, warcore orientates the functionalities of its clothing towards combat even if it is purely for aesthetics and not for safety.

    Warcore could properly be defined as an extension of techwear. Chest rigs, tactical gloves and other fashionable bulletproof vests will accentuate the military dimension of your techwear outfit.

    As for the monochrome tone is very widespread in the techwear culture, warcore is no exception to the rule. However, while black is literally monopolistic in this futuristic style, warcore leaves room for some desaturated shades in khaki or other camouflage.

    warcore vs techwear

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    Still in its infancy, the warcore style does not yet find a brand exclusively oriented towards military fashion. However, little by little, we see the emergence of pieces and other survivalist collections in many renowned brands. Some designers are joining the warcore trend to prepare mankind for the conflicts inherent to end of the world scenarios, proposing clothes made for war.

    Bulletproof vests and multi-pockets at Louis Vuitton, reinterpretations of the military wardrobe at Prada, pendants in the shape of Kalashnikov bullets: fashion is more than ever ready for combat. Streetwear brands have also been offering collectibles for some time now, and the riot shield from cult brand Antisocial Social Club is perhaps the most quintessential warcore accessory.

    A relationship no longer distant and fantasized but concrete, made visible by the militarization of fashion. Lines move, silhouettes harden and become functional. From Balmain to Moncler to Moschino, the labels promise protection and heroic potential to customers dressed as soldiers while remaining at the forefront of fashion.

    For those of you who would like to sport a warcore look, you will find the largest selection of warcore outfits and accessories on our online store. We've also prepared a list of tips for dressing up your style with a military touch.

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    As seen before, the warcore style is based on the same foundations as techwear, although the military aspect is more advanced.

    Dark outfit or desaturated tones

    As you know now, the fundamentals of the warcore aesthetic are also based on a monochrome color code. Opt for a black jacket, a cloak or a desaturated t-shirt as a base layer. It will form the basis of your outfit.

    tactical cloak

    Warcore pants

    How can we not mention cargo pants when it comes to dressing up your style with a military touch. A cargo pant is characterized by its two side pockets on both sides of the thighs. Cargo pants are available in many materials. Wool flannel, cotton twill, canvas or denim. As for the colors, prefer a black cargo to match more easily with any outfit. If you want to accentuate the military look, a cargo jacket with a military print will do the trick. If you're looking for the perfect match for your warcore style, you can opt for the warcore pants.

    tactical utility joggers

    Combat boots

    Lightweight, functional, comfortable: combat boots are versatile functional footwear that add character to your outfit. A must-have to match your cargo pants and reinforce your post-apocalyptic style.

    combat boots

    Warcore helmet

    Details define your style! Accessories are a staple of warcore style. The tactical mask, which is often used for airsoft, is a mainstay of your outfit. This mask is inspired by military equipment, covering half of your face or completely hiding your head. Unlike the more traditional anti-pollution masks, the tactical mask can quickly make you fall into the cosplay dimension. It is therefore not an accessory to wear on a daily basis. 

    warcore helmet

    Warcore vest

    A perfect replica of a bulletproof vest that enhances the aesthetics of your outfit. This fashion vest does not guarantee to stop bullets, however it brings a unique style and allows you to carry many personal belongings with you thanks to its many pockets.


    Warcore vest


    Tactical gloves

    In winter as in summer, tactical gloves bring the final touch to your outfit. Available in fingerless model to warcore all year long.

    Now you're ready for your new look. Pushed to its limits, the warcore style may not be suitable for everyday wear and is more of a cosplay. However, by sparingly adding some military style accessories and clothing you can distinguish yourself with an original style that can be worn on a daily basis. For this, a functional techwear jacket, cargo pants and boots will do the trick!

    full fingers tactical gloves


    For those who don't want to risk a bad taste, we have prepared a full warcore outfit. Put on your cargo pants, tactical mask and gloves with an original style.

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