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    • Type: Techwear pants
    • Design: Techwear, streetwear
    • Technical pants: This techwear pants is the perfect garment to complete your Techwear outfit.
    • Premium quality: Reinforced seams, comfortable to wear, soft touch
    • Materials: Polyester
    • Suitable for men and women
    • Machine washable: 30 °C (86 °F)
    Size(cm | in) Waist Hip
    78 | 30.7 100  | 39.7  99  | 39
    82 | 32.3 104  | 41 101  | 39.8
    86 | 33.8 108  | 42.5 103  | 40.5
    XL 90  | 35.4 112 | 44,01 103 | 40.5

    Black Functional Cargo Pants: Urban Innovation

    In the world of techwear and darkwear, garments aren't just about aesthetics; they stand as symbols of functionality, style, and above all, urban adaptability. The Functional Cargo Pant blends cutting-edge design with everyday practicality, making them an indispensable part of the modern wardrobe.

    These pants captivate with their multi-pocket design, each strategically placed to maximize utility without compromising on style. Each pocket, adorned with a sleek zipper, offers ample storage space, allowing the wearer to carry essentials seamlessly. The pants' muted black shade further accentuates its urban appeal, making it a versatile piece that complements various outfits.

    The signature logo - a sharp, angular design - is tastefully placed, adding to the pants' distinct techwear charm. Each design element, from the adjustable waist to the minimalist white iconography, serves a dual purpose – enhancing style while ensuring functionality.

    Crafted for the Urban Explorer

    Constructed with premium materials, the Functional Cargo Pants promise durability, ensuring they stand up to the challenges of urban life. Whether you're navigating the bustling streets of the city or venturing into the unknown, these pants guarantee comfort with their breathable fabric and ergonomic fit.

    The pants' design, with its cinched ankle cuffs and rugged boots compatibility, gives it a militaristic edge, reminiscent of the tough, resilient nature of darkwear. This, combined with its techwear functionality, makes it perfect for those who live life on the move.

    Styling the Functional Cargo Pants

    Thanks to their versatile design, the Functional Cargo Pants can seamlessly integrate into a range of outfits. Pair them with a sleek hoodie for a complete techwear look or match them with a simple tee to let the pants stand out. Their adaptability ensures that whether you're aiming for a full techwear ensemble or just a hint of it, these pants fit right in.

    Please consult the size chart in the 'description' tab before placing an order. Most of our clothes are in Japanese size. Our team advise you to take one size up on this item to ensure your correct size.

    • For example, if you wear S, take M to perfectly fit you.


    size chart

    Some shoes may vary from these measurements, if the item has its own measurements table, please refer to it

    Foot Length US EU
    22.5 cm (36 in) 4 35
    23 cm (37 in) 5 36
    23.5 cm (39 in) 5.5 37
    24 cm (40 in) 6 38
    24.5 cm (42 in) 6.5 39
    25 cm (44 in) 7 40
    25.5 cm (45 in) 8 41
    26 cm (47 in) 8.5 42
    26.5 cm (48 in) 9 43
    27 cm (48 in) 10 44
    27.5 cm (48 in) 11 45
    28 cm (48 in) 12 46
    28.5 cm (48 in) 12.5 47


    foot lenght


    SIZE (cm) Hand width Hand length
    S 10.5 19
    M 11 19.5
    L 11.5 20
    XL 12 20.5
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    • Average delivery time: 2 weeks

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    • 7 to 14 working days for European countries.
    • 7 to 21 working days for the rest of the world.

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