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  • Type: Techwear t-shirt
  • Design: Street Goth
  • Fit: Oversized
  • Breathable materials: This crop top is made of polyester and spandex.
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Machine washable: 30 °C (86 °F)

Death Metal Font Shirt: A Fusion of Music, Art, and Fashion

Inspired by darkwear, this shirt has a metal font print on the chest. Available in black, this death metal font shirt has an oversized fit and soft touch. Marrying the haunting ethos of the death metal genre with the urban charm of street goth fashion, our "Death Metal Font Shirt" stands as an emblem of dark sophistication.

Darkwear has always been about channeling the mysteries of the unknown, and when combined with the powerful narrative of death metal, it creates a style that's undeniably street goth. It's a statement, a narrative, a powerful reflection of the soul that reverberates with the somber cadences of death metal.

Distinctive Design for the True Enthusiast

The crux of the Death Metal Font Shirt lies in its standout design. A metal font print boldly sits on the chest, drawing inspiration from the iconic typography often associated with death metal bands. The design is an ode to the raw emotion and potent energy of the music, making it the perfect ensemble for die-hard fans or those looking to dip their toes into the genre's aesthetic.

A Palette as Dark as the Genre Itself

Available exclusively in a deep black, this shirt doesn't just wear the color—it exudes the essence of it. Black, a hue synonymous with the mysteries of the night, shadows, and the unknown, perfectly encapsulates the ethos behind death metal.

Comfort Redefined with Premium Materials

Though the Death Metal Font Shirt is rich in aesthetics, it doesn’t compromise on comfort. The unique blend of polyester, cotton, and a hint of spandex ensures the shirt is not just soft to the touch but also boasts a stretchy quality. The oversized fit complements various body types, ensuring that while you make a statement with your style, you're wrapped in sheer comfort.

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24 cm (40 in) 6 38
24.5 cm (42 in) 6.5 39
25 cm (44 in) 7 40
25.5 cm (45 in) 8 41
26 cm (47 in) 8.5 42
26.5 cm (48 in) 9 43
27 cm (48 in) 10 44
27.5 cm (48 in) 11 45
28 cm (48 in) 12 46
28.5 cm (48 in) 12.5 47


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XL 12 20.5
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