Ninja Turtle Neck Gaiter

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  • Type: Scarf
  • Materials: Polyester
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Season: Winter
  • Color: Black

Elevate Your Winter Gear with the Ninja Turtle Neck Gaiter

Step up your winter fashion game while staying cozy with our Ninja Turtle Neck Gaiter. Perfectly designed for colder seasons, this neck gaiter is your go-to accessory to combat chilly winds. Inspired by ACRONYM's renowned ng4-ps model, our Ninja Turtle Neck Gaiter brings a slice of techwear flair to your winter ensemble.

Unmatched Warmth and Coverage

This is not just any neck gaiter; it's a masterclass in providing effective face coverage. Crafted to keep you warm, this winter essential ensures your face is protected from the elements, allowing you to face chilly conditions head-on.

The key features of our Ninja Turtle Neck Gaiter set it apart in the crowded field of winter accessories. Not only does it add an unmistakable touch of techwear aesthetic to your outfit, but its superior insulation ensures you stay comfortable and warm.

Embrace winter confidently and stylishly with the Ninja Turtle Neck Gaiter, a crucial addition to your cold-weather wardrobe.

Please consult the size chart in the 'description' tab before placing an order. Most of our clothes are in Japanese size. Our team advise you to take one size up on this item to ensure your correct size.

  • For example, if you wear S, take M to perfectly fit you.


size chart

Some shoes may vary from these measurements, if the item has its own measurements table, please refer to it

Foot Length US EU
22.5 cm (36 in) 4 35
23 cm (37 in) 5 36
23.5 cm (39 in) 5.5 37
24 cm (40 in) 6 38
24.5 cm (42 in) 6.5 39
25 cm (44 in) 7 40
25.5 cm (45 in) 8 41
26 cm (47 in) 8.5 42
26.5 cm (48 in) 9 43
27 cm (48 in) 10 44
27.5 cm (48 in) 11 45
28 cm (48 in) 12 46
28.5 cm (48 in) 12.5 47


foot lenght


SIZE (cm) Hand width Hand length
S 10.5 19
M 11 19.5
L 11.5 20
XL 12 20.5
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