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  • Type: Techwear jacket
  • Design: Techwear, Ninja Techwear, Cyberpunk, Military, Futuristic
  • Ultra-resistant Techwear Jacket: Made with premium materials that are resistant, flexible and lightweight to preserve your mobility while protecting you from rain and wind.
  • Technical clothing: This techwear jacket is equipped with a multitude of storage pockets to easily carry your personal belongings.
  • Breathable materials: This techwear jacket made of polyester, cotton and spandex can be worn all year round.
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Machine washable: 30 °C (86 °F)
Size(cm | in) Chest Length
M 126 | 49.6
101  | 39.8
130  | 51.2
103  | 40.5
134  | 52.8
105  | 41.3
2XL 138  | 54.3 107  | 42.1

Black Pupil Travel Jacket

Embark on your urban expeditions with confidence and style with the Pupil Travel Jacket, the ultimate outerwear piece for the modern nomad.

The Pupil Travel Jacket is a pinnacle of techwear innovation, combining the essence of urban exploration with a design that addresses the functional needs of everyday life. Its sleek black fabric is more than just a canvas for fashion; it's a durable shield against the elements, designed to accompany you on every journey.

This jacket is crafted with the dynamic lifestyle of the city wanderer in mind. It features a multitude of pockets, strategically placed for optimal accessibility and security, ensuring that your travel essentials are always within arm's reach. The high-collar design and integrated hood provide extra protection, whether you're navigating through a rainy cityscape or bracing against the wind.

Pupil Travel Jacket Highlights:

  • Robust construction that balances durability with comfort
  • Versatile pocket system for organized storage on the go
  • Adjustable hood for tailored weather protection
  • Streamlined design that complements the techwear aesthetic
  • Subtle branding that embodies the spirit of exploration
  • A Commitment to Techwear Functionality

Every detail of the Pupil Travel Jacket is meticulously engineered. The holographic detail on the sleeve pocket adds a touch of futuristic flair, while the webbed paneling and discrete branding on the lower hem reflect a commitment to the techwear culture. With its combination of practicality and avant-garde style, this jacket is not just a garment but a statement of intent for the urban adventurer.

In essence, the Pupil Travel Jacket is an indispensable ally for the intrepid traveler. It represents a synergy of form and function that resonates with the ethos of techwear: to go further, push boundaries, and redefine the limits of urban apparel.

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  • For example, if you wear S, take M to perfectly fit you.


size chart

Some shoes may vary from these measurements, if the item has its own measurements table, please refer to it

Foot Length US EU
22.5 cm (36 in) 4 35
23 cm (37 in) 5 36
23.5 cm (39 in) 5.5 37
24 cm (40 in) 6 38
24.5 cm (42 in) 6.5 39
25 cm (44 in) 7 40
25.5 cm (45 in) 8 41
26 cm (47 in) 8.5 42
26.5 cm (48 in) 9 43
27 cm (48 in) 10 44
27.5 cm (48 in) 11 45
28 cm (48 in) 12 46
28.5 cm (48 in) 12.5 47


foot lenght


SIZE (cm) Hand width Hand length
S 10.5 19
M 11 19.5
L 11.5 20
XL 12 20.5
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