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    If you're here, you're most likely a fan of the famous rapper of the moment, Scarlxrd. Whether you like him as an artist or you like its outfits, he has widely participated in creating an innovative style in music and fashion. An avant-garde clothing style, a percussive voice and a catchy instrumental, here is the perfect cocktail that has put Scarlxrd on the front of the stage.

    With an original style with streetwear, techwear and grunge inspirations, his futuristic look probably made you want to redo your wardrobe to sublimate your style.

    Scarlxrd's style is inspired by techwear which refers to a category of clothing that includes special fabrics with advanced technologies.

    Techwear fashion is a futuristic style inspired by military gears, streetwear and cyberpunk culture. We also talk about "urban techwear".

    In this article we will review the most famous Scarlxrd's clothing to get in your turn a striking and original techwear style. If you want to get the best Scarlxrd merch, this Scarlxd techwear guide is all you need.

     who is scarlxrd


    Scarlxrd (pronounced "Scarlord"), from his first name Marius Lucas Antonio Listhrop, born on June 19, 1994 in the city of Wolverhampton, is an English rapper.

    At the very beginning of his career, Marius was a YouTuber known as "Mazzi Maz". He was a Youtube vlogger with thousands of subscribers. Then, Marius abandoned his career on YouTube in order to make a radical change of style and launch himself into rap. From his new identity, he calls himself "Scarlxrd" and now makes music in a new and very aggressive genre that mixes rap, metal and trap.

    In 2017, he became world-famous with the song "HEART ATTACK", which now has more than 85 million views on YouTube. He is considered one of the pioneers of rap metal with his powerful vocals and percussive instruments.🎵



    Scarlxrd's style is inspired by techwear fashion. This fashion combines highly functional techwear. This futuristic style is largely inspired by the military and cyberpunk culture.

    You probably wonder where does Scarlxrd get his clothes? Well it's a combination of accessories and clothes from various brands like Nike, MX DVS, Dr Martens, Adidas and Supreme to name a few. Indeed, these brands offer from time to time some techwear linking the useful to the aesthetic.

    Fortunately, if you want to have a look as offbeat and stylish as the British singer, we have thought of everything with the largest number of references of techwear on our store.

     how to dress like scarlxrd


    The upper part which includes mask, glasses, t-shirt, tactical vest etc. is composed of many accessories which vary greatly. We will therefore focus on the most striking clothes that characterize his techwear style.

    The lower part of his style, i.e. pants, belt, shoes, are much less varied and mostly composed of cargo pants, functional clothing with many pockets that are inspired by military clothing and accentuate this techwear aesthetic.

    We will therefore take point by point the elements that composed Scarlxrd's style.


    We start with the mask which is one of the essential elements of Scarlxrd's style. This surgeon mask is undoubtedly a way for him to mark the rupture between his YouTube persona and his new identity as a singer. Among the various music videos of Scarlxrd, we can see various masks. Whether it is a classic black mask without pattern as in his clip "HEARTH ATTACK", a black mask with Kanji printed on the front, or the zipped surgeon mask. The last one is undoubtedly one of the most original and most striking. The Scarlxrd zipper mask is a must if you want to have a style similar to the famous rapper.

    scarlxrd mask


    Most of the time Scarlxrd wears black, grey or military camo t-shirts.👕 These shirts have typically a techwear look. With rather classic designs, they are nevertheless very comfortable to wear and often made of breathable materials such as this techwear shooting shirt.

    You can also opt for this Korean shirt style with a logo or Japanese kanji for a techwear ninja look strongly present in the rapper's clips.

    scarlxrd shirt


    In techwear, the jacket is an important element because it often includes many technologies, which makes it a particularly useful garment.🧥 Whether you need to have pockets, windbreaker, effective protection from the rain, or have a rain coat integrated directly into your jacket, it is a highly practical garment with a futuristic style characteristic of techwear.

    In HEAD GXN, the singer wears the Supreme Moto Jersey jacket at more than $350. In STFU, it is a collaboration between Supreme and The North Face that is honored with the Gore Tex Jacket at $850. Finally, in CXLD BLXXDED, he wears a black Napapijri windproof jacket at around $470.

    These jackets all have a similar dark line with black colors that matches perfectly with the rest of the outfit. To achieve a similar look, you can opt for the Black Techwear Jacket, the perfect windbreaker with many storage pockets. And for a more streetwear style, the windbreaker jacket effectively combines sleek design with windproof technology.

    scarlxrd jacket


    Undoubtedly an important element of Scarlxrd's style. These tactical jackets are very practical with their many pockets. They were originally used by the military to carry all kinds of weapons and war accessories. Nowadays it is also a popular streetwear accessory to accentuate the style.

    Some are just aesthetic while others are faithful reproductions of military equipment.

    In the HEAD GXN clip, Scarlxrd wears a tactical vest from the Rothco brand at over $60 and the chest ring from the Hamcus brand at over $340. But don't panic, if you want to get a tactical chest bag, there are many alternatives on our store with a design and finish that has nothing to envy to other brands.

    Available in many variations, you can opt for a very urban design as in the HEAD GXN clip with the fanny pack vest composed of two pockets, or, the utility chest bag.

    scarlxrd chest bag


    Scarlxrd wears cargo pants, a mix between technology and aesthetics pushed to the maximum.👖 With numerous pockets, straps, a loose fit at the thighs and slim at the ankles, these futuristic pants are easily recognizable.

    They are the link between your favorite sneakers and your tactical vest and can be easily integrated into many outfits. For a state-of-the-art style with straps as in the BANDS clip, opt for the techwear jogger pants. And to push your style even further, add a techwear belt and some chains at your waist to accentuate the outfit.

    scarlxrd pants


    This accessory is optional but it is still important to notify it. As a complement to a bandana, the tactical mask will reinforce the military side of your outfit. Forget the banal glasses, this accessory is more and more imposed in techwear look.

    This equipment is basically used by soldiers in the field to protect their faces from debris during interventions.🥽

    In the HEAD GXN clip, Scarlxrd wears these tactical goggles. It's primarily a widely used mask for airsoft, but combined with a techwear look, it brings boldness to your outfit. An essential if you want to differentiate yourself with an original look.

    scarlxrd goggles


    You probably want to know what shoes does Scarlxrd wear?👟 Among the many models in Scarlxrd's possession, we can find many major footwear brands such as Nike, Adidas but also shoes with a grunge, Gothic style such as the Dr Martens. Here is the list of the few models of shoes worn by Scarlxrd :

    - Air Max 95 SE (Nike)
    - Air Max 1 (Nike)
    - Air Force One low (Nike)
    - Air mask 95 (Nike)
    - Tubular X Primeknit (Adidas)
    - Jadon boots (Dr Martens)

    Just as important as the rest of the clothes, they can easily accentuate a grunge, military style with boots that will go perfectly with cargo pants, or, with sneakers for a streetwear side combining comfort and style.

    You'll have no trouble finding styles you'll like in our collection of techwear shoes! Original and with various styles, you will find sneakers, boots and other futuristic shoes in the same line as Scarlxrd.

    scarlxrd shoes

    Now you have all the elements in your possession to dress like Scarlxrd or to create your own style or personal identity. Techwear is really worth exploring, and you might also find looks that mix elements of technology with traditional street wear elements or a more performance-oriented look, which gives a kind of cool tech dystopia.

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